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Scroll down until you find the Event of Interest.  If it's an event such as a golf tournament, you can then sign up, look for sponsorship ops and even purchase merchandise.  

We have an easy "click to pay"  option using PayPal's secure site.  You don't need a PayPal account, just your credit card.  Any questions/issues, always feel free to contact
Bob Wright at 941.875.1964 or email at
Thanks for Joining us in helping to raise funds to help others!

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Into the breach video series leadership:

Noel Maun at: (941) 468-3230 or
Troy Sacco at: (941) 445-3939 or

Into the Breach - Introduction Guide - click HERE
February 22nd 7p - Study Materials - Family - click
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Mayakka Pines Golf Club - POSTPONED

update for reschedule for Fall to be announced ASAP

Play the Pines!! Your Council's Annual Charity Golf Tournament is set for Saturday, March 28, 2020 Myakka Pines.  Click HERE to see a video of the course and click HERE to check out the Coolest Golf carts you'll ever ride in!!!
 Click button below to sign up and pay entry.  
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